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CBD Oil: Can it Support Me with Insomnia?

by Oct 15, 20210 comments

You don’t have to take addictive, narcotic sleeping medication to cure your sleep issues. Read on to learn why you should take CBD oil for insomnia.


As research in this area opens up as the legislative landscape shifts, sales of cannabis products are soaring too. People are using these products to treat a wide range of conditions. The previously unexplored properties of CBD are finally being taken advantage of. Most publicized are its properties which help patients deal with pain and the effects of cancer (and side effects of cancer treatments). But what about CBD oil for insomnia?

What Is Insomnia and How Does CBD Oil Help?

Insomnia affects millions of people around the globe. It’s characterized by an inability to sleep, often waking during the night, and difficulty concentrating during the day due to tiredness. CBD oil doesn’t exactly treat insomnia directly. It deals with the underlying cause of the condition instead – namely, in many cases, feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s this anxiety that keeps you tossing and turning at night, unable to ‘switch off your brain.

CBD is an anti-anxiolytic, meaning that it can help calm people down if they’re becoming over-anxious. The oil also slightly increases the level of dopamine released from our brains. Dopamine is associated with the brain’s ‘reward center. It’s one of the chemicals the brain releases when we eat, have sex, or enjoy another pleasurable experience. As a result, it helps us relax, which can lull us into a state of relaxation – making sleeping easier.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From & How Does it Work?

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and can be made THC-free. THC is the chemical in cannabis that gets you ‘high.’ Choosing a THC-free product means you can treat your condition without the potential side effects of THC. These can include a sensation similar to an alcohol hangover the following morning. With THC-free CBD oil, you don’t have to worry about these side effects.

Your body is covered with cannabinoid receptors. They can be found on your skin – there are some CBD products used to treat conditions such as eczema. And in your mouth and digestive system – some CBD products are dropped under the tongue by tincture, or vaped (or smoked), and inhaled. The liver metabolizes CBD oil when it’s absorbed in the digestive system. When inhaled, the chemical transfers directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. There are many other suggested uses for CBD oil. For example, it can help you cope with pain, depression, and headaches – all of which might be contributing to keeping you up at night.

Do You Need CBD Oil For Insomnia?

Are you searching for CBD oil to help you deal with bouts of insomnia? We all get nervous sometimes, but if you work a high-pressure job, you might be surprised just how much CBD oil use may support you in improving your sleep. Lori fell into this business because of a sleep issue herself. Sleeping pills didn’t work for Lori, and they can be addictive and damaging to the body. So take our word when we say CBD oil has worked. We know from the personal experiences of our founder! So wake up refreshed using Glori Blend’s CBD oil products. We hope you have a better night’s sleep soon.

Do You or a Loved One Have Problems Sleeping?

While we cannot promise that CBD will work for you, we do know that it has worked for us and many other people who are suffering from not being able to get a good night’s rest. Sleep is very important to your health, both body and mind. Our Dream ‘Sleep’ CBD oil is not like most of the other ones out there, as we add special terpenes to help with the potency, we have come across a lot of people who have used other CBD oils that have not worked for them, but then they use ours and it works. Which we love to hear this. We are here to help heal the world, one person at a time.

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