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Why Does the Ethanol Extraction Process Work so Well for CBD Oil?

You can extract CBD from the hemp plant using a couple of different methods. Click here to learn why the ethanol extraction process works best when extracting CBD.

These days, tons of research has come out about the health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol). As a result, CBD oil and other CBD-infused products are growing dramatically in popularity. But, with so many companies making CBD products, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth using and which ones are not. One way to tell good CBD products from bad ones is to find out how the CBD in them was extracted. Some extraction methods are definitely superior to others, and ethanol extraction is one of the best. Read on to learn more about the ethanol extraction process and why it works so well for CBD oil.

How Does the Ethanol Extraction Process Work?

First, let’s explain how ethanol extraction works. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that can act as a solvent. When extracting CBD from the hemp plant, manufacturers pass ethanol back and forth across the plant to dissolve its active compounds. Ethanol is known as a polar solvent. This means that it is hydrotropic and binds to the water-soluble elements of the plant. In addition to pulling out cannabinoids and terpenes, ethanol extraction draws out many other components of the plant to create a full-spectrum product.

Benefits of Ethanol Extraction

There are lots of reasons why manufacturers like to use ethanol extraction over other methods. Some of the greatest benefits that come with using ethanol extraction to make CBD oil include:

Easier Storage

Ethanol can be stored more easily than other solvents. This makes it easy for manufacturing facilities to extract large volumes of CBD at one time.

Less Processing Required

Ethanol extraction, when done properly, eliminates the need for winterization and dewaxing processes. These treatments protect the extract, but they can also lower its effectiveness.

Stronger End Product

Ethanol extraction extracts more components of the plant. This can yield a stronger, full-spectrum product. This last benefit is especially important. Many people find that they see greatest results when they’re using a full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum products might not taste as good, but since they’re loaded with beneficial compounds, most people get past the taste pretty quickly.

How Does Ethanol Extraction Compare to Other Methods?

There are a few other methods that manufacturers use to extract CBD from the hemp plant, including the following:

CO2 Extraction

This is the most popular extraction method, and it yields a pretty good end product. But, CO2 only pulls out cannabinoids and terpenes. Because of this, some people don’t see the same benefits they see when using a full-spectrum product.

Olive Oil Extraction

This extraction method is fairly simple. But, it also yields a lower quality end product that is less effective than others.

Petroleum Extraction

This method is highly efficient. But, there’s a very high risk that potentially toxic petroleum solvents will be left behind in the extract.

Final Thoughts

Ethanol extraction allows you to experience the benefits of terpenes and other components of the cannabis plant in addition to CBD. It’s a great alternative to many other extraction methods that can potentially contaminate the end product or lower its quality. If you want to use CBD oil and other products that were made using the ethanol extraction process, head to our online store today.

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