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How Hemp Can Repair DNA: The Science Explained

Two proteins that are found in hemp have been shown to be important in the ability to repair DNA.

We take a look at the science of just how hemp can repair your DNA. We’d all love to live healthy for longer and it looks like hemp could hold the key. The cannabis plant is undergoing a global renaissance. People are waking up to the plant’s many uses as an increasing number of scientific studies make its benefits clear. But did you know hemp can even help repair DNA? It may sound like a small miracle, but we’re taking a look below at the science involved.

What Causes DNA Damage?

DNA is the ancient molecule common to all known forms of true life. It’s the instruction book for a living organism. When it functions, it gives cells the instructions they need to replicate and work together. A lot can go wrong with DNA, however. Radiation (including UV radiation from the sun) and carcinogens are two everyday culprits behind long-term DNA damage. Our DNA has some incredible protection against the sun. Yet a single UVB photon absorbed directly into our DNA can cause thymine base pairs to bond, disrupting the strand.

What Are the Effects of DNA Damage?

We’ve likely all experienced the most common and visible form of radiation burn: the sunburn. This is a direct result of DNA damage from UVB photons. DNA damage can accumulate as we age. When DNA becomes damaged, a game of Telephone ensues. The instructions become garbled and these errors build up over time. These errors can result in the most well-known outcome of DNA damage: cancer. While the exact causes of aging aren’t well understood, scientists believe that accumulating DNA damage is a key factor. Those who experience increased DNA damage also generally experience premature aging.

How Does Hemp Help?

With the right input, the human body repairs damage to its DNA over time. But the “right input” is the crucial part. We mentioned above that DNA is a set of instructions. Those instructions tell the body to produce proteins. When something damages DNA, the construction of those proteins starts to fail. Hemp oil contains two key proteins to help our bodies rebuild and repair. They are Edestin protein and Albumin protein. These proteins are perfect raw material for our bodies, as they’re easy to digest and provide the amino acids needed for cell repair. Our bodies also rely on fatty acids to protect our cells against damage. Hemp oil contains an ideal 3:1 of the Omega 3 and Omega 4, the crucial fatty acids that protect our DNA from damage. This makes hemp oil one of the ideal supplements to repair DNA damage. In the long-term, this can reduce an individual’s risk of cancer and premature aging.

Repair DNA: The Key to Health

DNA repair is the key to long-term health, allowing us to reverse the impact of harmful conditions we encounter on a daily basis. Hemp’s ability to repair DNA could be one more weapon in the fight against premature aging and ill health.

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